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Dynamic page Implementation details

A website may contain a lot of pages with simple content, such as text and pictures. Configuring each maping in Spring XML will lead to huge XML with similar copy/paste content. Instead the dynamic page feature may be used.


  1. No mappings in Spring XML.
  2. The configuration is done on per site basis through the database settings.
  3. Can render complex pages by configuring a mod to alter a controller behaviour (look at point 2).


Dynamic controller is the special controller handling all HTM mappings which were not handled by other controllers. Such as other/aboutus.htm URL. It gets its page name from URL and mimics the behaviour as it was a real page (other/aboutus with the page index 00aboutus). The page is then processed in the usual way. Since the page it is not configured in XML, the configuration comes from the database, which is looked up by the page index. Dynamic controller always points to its own JSP template (dynamic.jsp) which in turn includes the page requested in URL.

The platform stores page mappings in the database and the URL mappings may take advantage of the dynamic controller. This gives a developer freedom to inject a mod, specify facades, set page index and point it to a template. Plus, such mappings may be modified through CMS.