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Project Haala


Features The Platform HAALA

  • Built-in CMS and control panel
    The CMS allows a user to change the content of a website on the fly, click and change a text or a picture. Control panel allows the user to change almost about anything on her website.
  • Multi-tenancy platform
    The platform can host many websites managed by individual users.
  • Flexible web UI
    As a web developer you are not restricted to any UI framework while building your website.
  • Files with multiple bodies
    Each file can have several bodies attached to it. One can keep the original photograph image and the scaled down versions of the same file.
  • Web resources glue
    The platform glues CSS and JavaScript file fragments together which makes it easier for the browser to download.
  • Cache
    Caching makes the things go faster.
  • Database resources
    Images, text, templates, URLs and other resources are stored in the database and can be changed on the fly.
  • Solr search engine
    Any search may be backed by Solr which makes it a lot faster than a database query.


  • Stateful design
    The platform is stateful thus horizontal scaling is a bit harder.
  • Backend is Scala
    Entry level is high as Scala is hard to comprehend.