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Project Haala


Pitfalls Web frontend

Web interface works like a charm and looks great when everything is cached by a browser. Otherwise the following applies:

  • When a user visits website for the first time, her browser needs to fetch huge Javascript files, many CSS files, 3rd party Javascript files, graphics. This may slow down initial rendering, but when the browser has cached everything it starts to render pages much faster. This performance gain is lost when the user clears browser cache or when the system increases resources version - the browser has to fetch everything again.
  • Bugs in Javascript files may halt a website. Javascript does everything including clicking on links - if it breaks the user cannot do anything and stuck on the page.
  • jQuery applies Javascript when HTML is fully loaded (but it does not wait for pictures to load). The user must wait for a page to load before she can do anything with it. And if some 3rd party server is down the browser may wait up to one minute before giving up downloading files from it (this repeats with every page refresh).