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Placeholder - an empty pack structure Packs

Placeholder is a set of folders, empty files and packages to help one layout a new pack structure and then add logic to it. It is much easier than stripping down some pack to its skeleton or doing a new pack from the scratch, it is in fact doing it from the scratch but you have all the directories already created and the packages set. At the moment there is only one placeholder project, which is the skeleton of the Toyshop pack and can be deployed to the Cactus installation.

Lets see what it takes to layout a new pack (eg. Diamond pack):

  1. Copy paste a proper placeholder folder and rename it to diamond.
  2. Go through files and directories replacing xxxxx to diamond and Xxxxx to Diamond.
  3. Open another pack (eg. Toyshop) and start copy/pasting common code and resources while adding your own pack logic.